ReEntry After COVID19

Our ReEntry Plans Video starting June7th

Join us IN PERSON starting in June for one Sunday morning worship service together as the Family of God. We will open for entry starting at 9:45 a.m. The church service will go live at 10:20 and begin at 10:30 a.m. in person and on our Facebook page. We hope to see you here. We want to be your church family. Everyone is welcome.

Posted by George Street Church of Christ on Saturday, June 6, 2020

Be Baptized Here!

We invite you to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Call or stop by to discuss baptism with us.

The Beauty of Baptism from George Street Church of Christ on Vimeo.

Is Your Faith Stale?

It’s an adjective (of food) no longer fresh and pleasant to eat; hard, musty, or dry. It’s synonyms are old, past its best, off, dry, hard, musty, rancid, overstored The word as a verb or in action means to make or become stale. Do you remember the last time you ate or interacted with something that was stale? You probably knew right away. We are usually disappointed when the product becomes that way. We then treat it as if it’s worthy of being discarded.
But what about when we are the ones making things stale? Stale becomes a result of our own negligence or a lack of concern for the state. I believe we do that with things in our lives. I believe we do that with the work of the Lord too. The work and the message are still powerful and transforming ,but we make the methods and the meaning stale in our hearts and our minds by our own doing!
So, I challenge you today to not be wearing a stale faith by being a stale believer in Jesus Christ. Do something with your current state and attitude and be made new again. Stale has no use in the lives of dedicated Christians who understand that the gospel message of Jesus Christ is still life changing, and God’s work and mercies are new every morning. Somebody needs to hear that today. Someone else needs reminded, so they don’t become dry and useless in their current state. Be fresh in your desire to know more and do more with your faith in God. We hope to see you on a Sunday real soon. 

What Time Is It?

Do you remember when you first learned how to tell the time? You learned the numbers first and then the order they go in. You then learned that a.m. is day and p.m. is night. You learned next how to look at the numbers together and know how much time is left in an hour or even the day.

But what about before that? My child is that way. He just knows night and day for now and wants to get the most out of every day. It was a good day for him if he got to do whatever he could in a day no matter the hour. Oh the simplicity of such a view of time.

Why can’t we learn to think that way again? We after all are like children to God. He is over all time and our time is surely limited. So, what time is it for you? Don’t let your life be totally dictated by the hour on the clock or the tasks of the day, but enjoy your life and learn to count your days with wisdom. Your days that are given are a blessing from God. Let’s consider what it is time for us to do that really matters the most. God bless you as you do.We hope to see you on Sunday. Love and blessings, Rob

Answer the Call

Have you ever missed an important phone call? What made that call any different from others you ignore? What makes us ignore some calls and value another? It’s very clearly who is calling us that makes it important! God is still making calls. He’s calling you, and He’s calling me. He calls more than once too. He is patient in his calling, and God will even leave a message. His message is clear. I’m calling you, and I await your answer. What will be your answer to the calling of God?

Call It What It Is

Let’s get to the point. Let’s be honest. Let’s call it what it is. Have you ever been in a conversation like that? The opposite is to act as if it is not what it is or to deny or call it something else. This presents a problem with honesty. This causes whatever it is to not be properly addressed  or dealt with. We live in a very subjective, opinion led society today where the search for truth is still happening, but the search is often abandoned for some other reason. 
We have a battle with the unseen, the unheard, the unknown, the unproven, and the unaware. Those that are unaware call it whatever they see, but do they really see? The unheard leaves us confused wondering if it is something else. The unknown leaves us either scared or searching for answer to whatever it is. The unproven leaves us asking how long will it last? Is it enough for me?
Jesus taught “by their fruit you may see or know,” and “believe in me based upon the evidence that you have seen or heard.” Jesus called it sin, evil, and Satan. Jesus said that “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” or I am it in other words. Are you calling it what it is? You cannot save yourselves from whatever it is in your life. People will also let you down with whatever it is. Turn your uncertainties over to God in these uncertain times. Call it what it is as you call upon the name of Jesus Christ!

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Who Do You Talk To?


When was the last time you talked to the president or even the governor? Most of us would say never. What would you say if you had the opportunity? What would you talk about? What would  you request? Would it be awkward? Would  it be an experience you’d never forget? What about talking to God? We can do that and we often forget. God actually wants to hear from you. His office is open. His availability is always. Approach God with the assurance that a prayer offered in faith will certainly be  heard and answered. He’s waiting, so go ahead and give God a call.


Be Transformed

When’s the last time you broke something? Do you remember when that was? Do you remember what it was? Maybe you broke it accidentally or even on purpose? Things get broken. Some of those things carry more value than others. Some things we break can even be priceless or irreplaceable. So, what can we do about what’s broken in our lives? Maybe you are broken by your own doing? Maybe someone has brought some brokenness in your life? In these times, the pieces have to be put back together much like a puzzle. It may happen soon or it may take several years. Let God help you restore what has been broken. He truly knows the cost and Jesus has already paid the price.

I Messed Up

Sometimes in life we mess up. Are you a messy person? Were you a mess maker as a child? Maybe you are a messy adult? We’ve got messed up rooms, messed up cars, messed up bank accounts, and on on on it goes, if we’re honest. Life gets messy. A lot of these messes are our own doing. Some of them are less than others, but some of our messes may take a long time to fix. Some of our messes not only hurt us but other people. So, what’s the solution? What’s the magic cleaner? Turn your messes over to God. Receive that cleansing, and then go and do what you can to clean up your messes.