Call It What It Is

Let’s get to the point. Let’s be honest. Let’s call it what it is. Have you ever been in a conversation like that? The opposite is to act as if it is not what it is or to deny or call it something else. This presents a problem with honesty. This causes whatever it is to not be properly addressed  or dealt with. We live in a very subjective, opinion led society today where the search for truth is still happening, but the search is often abandoned for some other reason. 
We have a battle with the unseen, the unheard, the unknown, the unproven, and the unaware. Those that are unaware call it whatever they see, but do they really see? The unheard leaves us confused wondering if it is something else. The unknown leaves us either scared or searching for answer to whatever it is. The unproven leaves us asking how long will it last? Is it enough for me?
Jesus taught “by their fruit you may see or know,” and “believe in me based upon the evidence that you have seen or heard.” Jesus called it sin, evil, and Satan. Jesus said that “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” or I am it in other words. Are you calling it what it is? You cannot save yourselves from whatever it is in your life. People will also let you down with whatever it is. Turn your uncertainties over to God in these uncertain times. Call it what it is as you call upon the name of Jesus Christ!