Is Your Faith Stale?

It’s an adjective (of food) no longer fresh and pleasant to eat; hard, musty, or dry. It’s synonyms are old, past its best, off, dry, hard, musty, rancid, overstored The word as a verb or in action means to make or become stale. Do you remember the last time you ate or interacted with something that was stale? You probably knew right away. We are usually disappointed when the product becomes that way. We then treat it as if it’s worthy of being discarded.
But what about when we are the ones making things stale? Stale becomes a result of our own negligence or a lack of concern for the state. I believe we do that with things in our lives. I believe we do that with the work of the Lord too. The work and the message are still powerful and transforming ,but we make the methods and the meaning stale in our hearts and our minds by our own doing!
So, I challenge you today to not be wearing a stale faith by being a stale believer in Jesus Christ. Do something with your current state and attitude and be made new again. Stale has no use in the lives of dedicated Christians who understand that the gospel message of Jesus Christ is still life changing, and God’s work and mercies are new every morning. Somebody needs to hear that today. Someone else needs reminded, so they don’t become dry and useless in their current state. Be fresh in your desire to know more and do more with your faith in God. We hope to see you on a Sunday real soon.