We are thankful to be partners with these great mission works.
1. https://www.potterministries.org which is a home for children and their mothers in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Our children fill up their change cans every year during children’s church.
2. https://www.orphanslifeline.org  is another wonderful ministry that we support yearly that helps aid and support orphans all over the world. They are based in Montana.
3.  https://www.eem.org/  is a ministry of the Eastern European Mission based in Dallas, Texas that is sending Bibles to many countries in their native language and helping the Bible to be taught in schools and in many different ways.
4. We support regular mission works on a monthly basis to the countries of Guyana through one of our local ministers and Rwanda and the ATN (African Transformation Network) through our own Heath Amos and family.
5. Local missions– We are regularly involved in many efforts within our own community that reaches out to those outside the church and helps our own members when we can.