Our Mission


 The Mission of the George Street Church of Christ is to grow in faith, love, and unity. We can only do this by allowing God’s Spirit to actively guide and assist us in leading others to know His love. We know that we are all forgiven sinners and can only gain salvation through Jesus Christ. We strive to live our lives in His image each day even though we sin and fall short. We work together as one while being ambassadors of Jesus Christ about the mission of God.

Action Points:

Faith – We strive to participate in activities that bolster our faith and the faith of others. Only by relying completely on God’s unwavering love for imperfect man are we able to glimpse the greatness of our Lord.

Love – George Street is a group of Christians with an undying love for one another and those around them. The feeling of community and a sense of belonging are instantly felt when in the midst of our members. We feel this bond among our members and visitors is one of the strongest assets that our church can have.

Unity – Fellowship is very important to George Street Church and we enjoy getting to know one another as well as visitors. We have a number of functions throughout the year designed to increase the contact we have with the community and we hope to see you at one soon!

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