Seasons and Life

    Wow, what a long winter it has been. We’ve all been challenged by it. The colder temperatures, the strain on our roads and vehicles, dealing with snow, cancelling things due to the weather, various sickness, and on and on it goes. Winter can be harsh and tough to deal with. Winter can leave us shut in and even depressed. It’s understandable, but did you know that Winter has a purpose. Did you know that Winter isn’t any longer than the other seasons? So, what about the winter conditions in your life? They too have a purpose. They too won’t last , but for a season. Take comfort in knowing that Spring is coming soon and new life and beauty awaits you. But remember who can bring that to you. His name is Jesus Christ!

What Is the Church?

Hey, what’s your thinking about the church? Let’s consider that briefly today. Is it a building? Is at place? Is it something that you see as a Sunday social club? Maybe church to you seems like a waste of time? Maybe you were with the church, but now you aren’t? Maybe you had a bad experience with something or someone that has tainted your view of church? Here’s the truth. The word church means “called out” and people are the ones who are called by Jesus Christ. We will all be called out of this world one day, and the church is supposed to be those who have accepted this calling from God, here and now. The church is imperfect, broken, sinful, and forgiven, and saved people forming the family of God. So, please come be a part of the church. It’s not just something we do. It’s who we are trying to be. God bless you as you consider “church.” We want you to be a part of it. You belong here.

What’s New in 2016

(Sharefaith App Image)Here’s what is upcoming with us in 2016 that we invite you to be a part of. 

1. A new banner year emphasis called “No Limits.” We are believing in this as a church, and we will try to practice this in our everyday lives.
2. New study groups and classes for all ages. For the youth of all ages, we have our Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Bible hour and our Sunday night program at 6 p.m. and our mid-week assembly at 7 p.m. For ages 2 thru 4th grade, we have a wonderful Children’s Church program during our a.m. worship. For our middle school and high school age, we have something for you during all of our Sunday and Wednesday assemblies.
For the adults, join us on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. for either bible study or “sanctuary time” in the auditorium. We also have the continuation of our Sunday night bible study application groups.
3. Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. for adults. Join us for topic based studies or be a part of our “Life Recovery Group” with a special emphasis on Bible based recovery and group support for life struggles.
4. The further development and completion of our next door fellowship property project!

Pictures from December the 20th

Click the link below to see pictures from our busiest Sunday of the year that included a great crowd for morning worship and our family fellowship meal, our candy for kids giveaway, and our afternoon Kids Christmas program.

Our Saturday Church Christmas Party

Our Church Christmas Party 12316216_10153457633087772_2482210500859718951_n 12347943_10153457633637772_6790306918845844544_n 12373197_10153457633307772_4522406982775997855_n 12376069_10153457633232772_3016728087183447880_n 12376421_10153457633682772_789476432678778074_n 12376507_10153457633742772_7098717124978283850_n 12391075_10153457633547772_63679075139215358_n 12391325_10153457633407772_8113029928064407680_n 12391348_10153457633522772_5864847541864235969_n 12391833_10153457633042772_2107387209984244376_n 12392036_10153457633377772_3064211203522088093_n

Recent Sunday Youth and Family Night

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Our 2015 Banner


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Church Inside and Out

Watch this short video to see what we are trying to be about as

the George Street Church.

We welcome anyone in, but we also accept the calling to go out!

We hope to see you along the way and help you in any way we can.

Our goals for the church


We hope you will join us in being excited about these. You too can work on these things. God bless us as we do.