July 2015

What Are You Filled With Week 2

What Are You Filled With? An introduction

June 2015

Counter To Be Productive- Week Four

Counter to Be Productive- Week Three

May 2015

Reunion in Heaven

Counter-productive:The Teachings of Jesus

Words for Wonderful Women

Counter Productive: An Introduction

April 2015

A Review of the Specific Gifts

Hope Springs Eternal

March 2015

Specific Gifts Week 3

Specific Gifts Week 2

Specific Gifts Week1

What are your specific gifts?

February 2015

Gifts That Keep Giving

You’ve Got Gifts: Part Two

You’ve Got Gifts

Let Us: Be, Do, and Go

December 2014

YearInReview: Reflect and Respond

The Superior Son of God

November 2014

Ready To Be Real- Week 4