November 2014


Ready To Be Real- Part Two

Are You Ready?

October 2014

We Believe Part Three

We Believe- Part Two

“More that we believe”

We Believe- Part 1

September 2014

The Foundation of Grace

The Foundation of Forgiveness

The Foundation of Love

Foundations:Firm or Foolish

August 2014

All In- Room for Improvement

The Body of Christ

“All In:Identity and Influence”

“All In: Invested and Involved”

“All in: Importance and Initiative”

July 2014

Focused Church

What to Stay Focused On

Staying Focused on What Really Matters

June 2014

Priorities That Please God

Fatherhood Talks

This is the audio from our Sunday am service where we focused on Fatherhood with Rob Fraser, Marty Lawhon, and Bill Turner co-preaching.