June 2014

Three Young Dads

Three young dads shared their thoughts about Fatherhood with us the evening of father’ s day. You will want to hear this from Brian Holmes, Erik Umensetter, and Chris Bulluck.

Understanding and Establishing Priorities

May 2014

“Reflect ,Remember, Respond ,Reunion”

Get Outa Here!

Giving and Motherhood

“What we give, what mothers give, and what Jesus gives”

Being and Doing

April 2014

Strength In the Church

Easter 2014- “Jesus Was, Jesus Did, Jesus Is”

The Week Before the Resurrection of Jesus

This lesson is all about what happened each day in the life of Jesus beginning with Palm Sunday leading up the resurrection.

Unity In The Church

Are you living for and working towards unity?

March 2014

Spiritual Maturity and Transformation

How do you know where you are spiritually?

Spiritual Action

Spiritual Action: The How To and What It Leads To

The Spirit of God

“Accepting, Understanding, Led By and Changed By the Spirit of God”

February 2014

Love Leading the Church

Letting Love Lead In Our Relationships

There are four types of love that we need to understand that come out in our many relationships. Listen in and discover what these are.

Understanding and Acting In Love

January 2014

Our Everlasting God: A Message of Encouragement

Being Better Than Ever Before

Work In Progress-Our Theme for 2014

“Reflect,Remember, Resolve, Respond”