What Time Is It?

Do you remember when you first learned how to tell the time? You learned the numbers first and then the order they go in. You then learned that a.m. is day and p.m. is night. You learned next how to look at the numbers together and know how much time is left in an hour or even the day.

But what about before that? My child is that way. He just knows night and day for now and wants to get the most out of every day. It was a good day for him if he got to do whatever he could in a day no matter the hour. Oh the simplicity of such a view of time.

Why can’t we learn to think that way again? We after all are like children to God. He is over all time and our time is surely limited. So, what time is it for you? Don’t let your life be totally dictated by the hour on the clock or the tasks of the day, but enjoy your life and learn to count your days with wisdom. Your days that are given are a blessing from God. Let’s consider what it is time for us to do that really matters the most. God bless you as you do.We hope to see you on Sunday. Love and blessings, Rob