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December Happenings


 We are an active church family! Here’s some of what we have been working on and towards this month as we head closer to a new year.

1. We met at the beginning of the month to discuss goals and plans for next year as well as ideas about the development of our next door property.

2. We have been taking the kids church offering and putting towards some good causes this month as we teach them about charity and giving with purpose.

3. We have been blessed with many new visitors and friends, and we stand ready to receive all ages and all people who come through our doors!

4. We are packaging up fruit baskets and candy for kids to give away freely to church members and to people of our community.

5. We continue to have young people and adults request baptism for forgiveness, salvation and church membership. For this, we are overjoyed!

6. We turned in 39 change cans to the children’s home in KY for counting. They will be sending us the total soon!

7. We received a thank you from our orphans ministry that we support as well as a request to sponsor individual children in 2015!

8. We are in the process of providing several families with Christmas blessings.

9. Our worship services continue to be praiseworthy and uplifting!

10. We will be having our Christmas party on Sunday the 21st and going caroling afterwards.

MORE TO COME…We hope that you will join us. Love and blessings.



We’ve partnered with

Watch this video below to see what every member with an email account and internet connection can now have! Membership certainly has it’s privileges here. We think you’ll love using this.
(DISCLAIMER: This is a non-denominational company product that allows you access to thousands of videos. Some videos may not reflect the teachings or particular beliefs of the George Street Church of Christ.)

We’re Active


      In the last two weeks. we have provided two members with money and supplies for their homes, given 1500 dollars to buy bibles and other materials in the Ukraine, bought 50 dollars worth of pizza on a Sunday night for anyone to have (just because), filled up more change cans for children, helping feed the football team, started a very meaningful share and study group for women on Wednesday nights with 26 enrolled so far, and helped a family in need with 100 dollars for gas and groceries!
       I‘m sure that’s not even all we have done. That’s who we are! If you don’t have a church home, come see us. We are family. Let’s keep it up. Building on the foundation of faith, love, forgiveness and grace.

Our Best Was Seen at V.B.S.!

Thank you to all of you who helped or attended our summer kid’s program, a.k.a. V.B.S.
We truly had the best time with one of our best programs ever! We enjoyed having plenty of adult helpers as well as many visitors and friends of the community. This is a church family that loves children very much and does everything possible for them spiritually, educationally, emotionally, socially and financially!

Church Inside and Out

Watch this short video to see what we are trying to be about as

the George Street Church.

We welcome anyone in, but we also accept the calling to go out!

We hope to see you along the way and help you in any way we can in Christ.

Our Goals for 2014


We hope you will join us in being excited about these. You too can work on these things. God bless us as we do.

We’ve Partnered Again with Our Local Mission House

 We are excited to announce that we have once again renewed an effort to support the work of the Latrobe Street Mission in Parkersburg, West Virginia. 


We are collecting needed items in bins in our building. This idea and initiative is being connected with our children’s and youth ministry as a service project for them. We also want to serve the residents some meals this year. For more information, their website is  and also on Facebook at

“New Year, New Start”

Freedom in Christ Christian Stock Images Are you ready for what God can do for you? Are you ready to work on His behalf in the church and in the world? You don’t have to look back. You can leave all of that behind. His mercies are new every morning. No one knows you like God. Will you follow His will and His plan in 2014?

We certainly want to do that as the church that meets here in St. Mary’s. We invite you to join us and consider with us what’s next?

Check out our website for more info on us. We hope to see you soon. Keep in touch with us and the Lord!